The smart way to play for life changing prizes

Giving players a transparent, provably fair and real chance at winning big crypto cash prizes and high value NFTs. 


Goobigs native currency.


GooToken is the only way to play for big, weekly and daily crypto cash prizes and high value and exclusive NFTs.


Don’t want to play? Holders can stake their GooTokens for rewards.


GooTokens are locked into our main prize draw, so the value of GooToken increases as more people play. Why? Supply and demand. With a limited number of GooTokens ever in circulation, locking a large large part of them limits available supply, making them more scarce and thus, more valuable. We also allocate funds to buy back GooTokens creating a constant buy-side-pressure. 50% are burned and 50% locked up in treasury.

"Goobig over the last year has become more than just a business idea. It has become a mantra for everything I preach and practice, it's own verb. Goobig - to go beyond the norm in an exceptional way. It's in this sense that I can truly say, I love everything stands for. In time I believe thousands of other people will too."

Dan, CEO


Players can buy whole or fractions of GooTickets to be entered into Goo59, GooWeekly, GooDaily and GooNFT.

Limited to 1m, players can see their odds and buy more GooTickets to significantly increase their chances of winning.


Buy whole tickets for bigger prizes or buy smaller fractions of multiple tickets for better odds.


Our big 59 draws with a total prize pot of up to $1.1b.


With every purchase of a Goobig ticket players are entered into Goo59 giving them 59 chances to win big prizes.


Winning tickets are selected at predefined milestones using Chainlinks VRF. The earliest adopters have the best odds.

If someone owns the entire winning ticket they win the FULL prize. If the winning ticket is fractionalised, the winners will get their fraction of the prize.

Goo59 graph.jpg
GooWeekly & GooDaily

Our weekly and daily draws, one winner, takes all.


When a player purchases a Goobig ticket they are issued GooWeekly and GooDaily tickets, entering them into the subsequent weekly draw. The number of tickets issued to a player is based on the fraction of the Goobig ticket purchased. The more tickets a player holds the better their chances of winning.

The more GooWeekly & GooDaily tickets issued the bigger the prize pot. The less tickets issued the better chance each player has to win.


The only way to enter GooWeekly and GooDaily is for players to purchase Goobig tickets. If players choose to play weekly or daily they will significantly increase their chances in Goo59.


We love NFTs and they play a big part of what we do at Goobig.


For those that don’t have a spare couple of hundred thousand dollars we’ll be giving away Bored Apes as part of or Goo59 draws. Purchase a Goobig Ticket for the chance to win.

We love art and understand the value NFTs bring to artist. Goobig will be collaborating with artists to offer a seamless bridge into the NFT world.


We’ll work closely with artists to curate collections to be raffled and airdropped to the Goobig community.

Our Roadmap
Our future... Into the Metaverse
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